"Evan is an exceptionally talented bow maker who combines extensive knowledge with imagination and the ability to respond to each individual player’s needs. Whether you enjoy flexible, delicate bows or bows with power and strength, Evan can achieve a balance of qualities tailored to each player.  He does not make bows to a standard prescription but instead lets the unique qualities of each piece of wood guide his design. Each bow is a work of art. I recommend him with the greatest enthusiasm!"
Ed Dusinberre, Takacs Quartet

The transitional bow works great with my 1729 Guarneri. I guess a bit of an age difference is good sometimes..." "Evan made me a bow that just fits me perfectly!  And he'd never met me before...
Timo-Veikko Valve, Principal Cello, Australian Chamber Orchestra 

"I regularly perform on both my bows made by Evan Orman. I have found him to be a creative and perceptive maker who, being a cellist himself, is also well aware of the players' need for a bow of both beauty and nuance. My modern bow has a very clear sound and a strong, exceptionally balanced stick. The "transitional" bow, a copy of an early Tourte, is invaluable in my chamber orchestra and solo performances of Baroque and Classical repertoire - it is a pleasure use a bow which enables such ease and variation of phrasing. I highly recommend Evan as a dedicated craftsman and as a very good person to deal with."
Melissa Barnard, Australian Chamber Orchestra

" I have recently tried out over 25 viola bows from among America's top makers. Evan Orman's two bows were in the highest echelon. He is able to combine expert craftsmanship with his experience as an accomplished string player, to create bows which are subtle, agile, and powerful. "    
Stephen Wyrczynski, former member of the the Philadelphia Orchestra 
Artist Faculty, the Aspen Music Festival and School
String Department Chair and Professor of Viola, the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University

Associate Concertmaster, Colorado Symphony OrchestraClaude Sim"I've had the great fortune in acquiring a fantastic viola bow by Evan Orman. The bow is a rare combination of power and finesse, and is a perfect match for my instrument. It draws a great variety of colors out of my instrument, and is highly responsive to all that I ask from it. I highly recommend his work to my colleagues and students alike." 
Claude Sim, Associate Concertmaster; Colorado Symphony Orchestra

I've been using a bow from Evan since about 2009 and I don't think it has ever crossed my mind to look for a different one  because it simply does exactly what I want it to do when I tell it to.  It is not only beautifully crafted and balanced, but unusually versatile in its immediacy, agility, power, and palette of colors.  It's really a perfect fit for the wide variety of repertoire that I perform -- anything from Bach to Zorn and everything between -- and has repeatedly proven itself to be my most reliable tool for sonically realizing what each individual piece of music wants to convey.
Jeremiah Campbell, renowned cellist

(details of a Sartory model bass bow- 2008)

A Pfretschner model bass bow, 2010
Rainer Eudeikis, Principal Cellist, Utah Symphony, playing my baroque bow in Bach's 5th Suite, and my Pajeot model bow in Martinu's Variations on a Theme of Rossini at his Curtis Recital in 2014.
Cellist Zlatomir Fung performing Cassado's Suite for Solo Cello on a Maline copy that I made in 2013.