Violin bow: Eugene Sartory, Silver and abony mounts

Violin bow: Claude Thomassin. Maillechort and ebony 

Violin bow: Pierre Cuniot. Maillechort and ebony mounts.

Violin bow: Bernard Ouchard (for Pierre Vidoudez, Geneva). T.S. and gold mounts.

Violin bow: James Tubbs. Silver and ebony mounts.

Violin bow: James Dodd. Silver and ebony mounts.

Violin bow: James Dodd (original fittings, grafted handle from another James Dodd- an excellent value for a good player)

Violin bow: Chanot-Chardon: Silver and ebony

Violin bows: Lee Guthrie, Saint Paul. Silver and ebony mounts.

Violin bow: Tom Goering. Silver and ebony mounts.

Violin bow: Tim Baker/ Evan Orman. Peccatte model, silver and ebony mounts.

Violin bow: Mirecourt , ca. 1860.  Ironwood stick with Maillchort and ebony mounts.

Viiolin bow: Albert Nurnberger: (replaced fittings from another Nurnberger bow in ebony and silver.)

Violin bow: Lothar Seifert. Tortoise shell/gold mounts.

Violin bow: Lothar Seifert. Gold and ebony mounts. 

Viola bow: Thomas Tubbs. Stamped "BETTS" with original amourette fittings. Coming soon.

Viola bow: Bernard Ouchard (stamped "Vidoudez Geneve".) Silver and ebony mounts.

Viola bow: Shop or school of Peccatte. Amourette with Silver and ebony mounts.

Cello bow: Jean Martin, ca. 1880. Beautiful swan head model with replica Vuillaume model fittings by Evan Orman.

Cello bow: Evan Orman, DODD model

Cello bow: Time Baker/Evan Orman. Tourte model, silever and ebony mounts.

Cello bow: Thomas Tubbs (stamped "Forster"), ironwood and maillechort mounts.

Cello bow: Willian de Marchi. Snakewood with ebony and silver mounts.

Bass bow: Mirecourt, stamped "Sartory". A beautiful bow in the style of Fetique.

Bass bow: Mirecourt, ca. 1870. Open frog and "butterfly" adjuster.

Bass bow: Evan Orman. Pearwood stick and open frog in rosewood. A very responsive, clean sounding bow.

In addition to the bows that I make, I usually have an interesting selection of other bows on hand. Here is a partial list of bows that are currently available (updated on October 1, 2018):